Outstanding camellias

In the nomenclature, we show flowers of camellias. Here are photos of camellias outstanding by their size or habit.

'Masayoshi', estimated age 300 years, in a private garden in Kusano-machi, Kurume (Japan).

One of the centenary camellias in the Domaine de Trévarez.

One of the camellias cultivated in container at the Greenhouses in Laeken.

'Montironi' in Brandivy (Morbihan, France), in the garden of the old presbytery, now the town hall.

In Pillnitz, near Dresde (Germany), this C. japonica  was planted more than 250 years ago by the king George III, then, king of England and Hanover. Every winter, an haven is built around it to protect it from the cold.

In Locarno (Switzerland), this  'Oscar Borrini', in the Gardini Pioda.

'William Hertrich' in a private garden in Brittany (France).