Visit - Porto - Portugal

Visit Porto at the time of its great camellia exhibition and enjoy all the public gardens where camellias can be seen. Porto is really the city of camellia. Stay in the city centre and get around on foot, by metro, tram or taxi. Allow three days to tour the city and visit the main gardens. The exhibition usually takes place at the beginning of March. It is very well known and receives many visitors.


First day of visit. I start with the gardens and the Palacio de Cristal. A large part of the garden was under construction. So I couldn't go near the great camellias.


It is therefore necessary to continue walking and going down into the part of the park that borders the Douro.


The walk continues through the park of the Museu Romãntico da Quinta de Macieirinha.


Let's go back to the city to visit the Jardim Municipal do Horto da Virtudes. Porto is a very steep city. This garden is built in terraces. The camellias were well flowered there.


Second day of visitation. Walking around the city, you can find camellias everywhere, here, Praça de Mouzinho de Albuquerque.


Even small gardens have their camellia.


This is the Jardim Botanico:


The camellia hedges are impressive. Some are named.


Next is the Parque Nova Sintra:


My most impressive visit: the Cemitério do Repouso . The Camellias of Porto are very flowery and the most spectacular by their size. Fabulous! The monuments, which are nevertheless imposing, give the scale.


There are also beautiful Magnolias.


On the third and last day, the Jardim São Lorenzo, Porto's oldest public garden.


It's time to join the annual camellia exhibition, held in 2019, in the subway.