Visit - Parco Pallavicino - Stresa - Italy

The Parco Pallavicino  (in Stresa on the shores of Lake Maggiore) is a large park which, in addition to its botanical garden and superb camellias, also houses a zoo. It is an ideal walk for the family. On an area of 18 hectares, there are many century-old trees and rare camellias. Since 2017 it has been part of the Borromeo tourist circuit. Like the other visits to Lake Maggiore, the optimal time to visit is late March-early April. The car park is in front of the entrance on the lake side.


The entrance to the park with the view of the lake. We go up to discover the old camellias.


The surroundings of Villa Pallavicino.


Another part of the park where we also find camellias.

'Arciduca Ferdinando'
'Arciduca Ferdinando'