Visit - Camellietum Compitese - Pieve di Compito - Italy

About 30 km from Pisa (80 from Florence) discover the village of Pieve di Compito, the Borgo delle Camelie, with its annual festival of camellias. You can visit the Camellietum Compitese. This garden, created in 2002 is a conservatory of camellia. Today, the park has 1000 cultivars of which 250 are named. The collection is very rich and varied. Of course, there are old Italian camellias from the region and the rest of Italy. The park is freely accessible, the optimum period for visiting is between March and the beginning of April, in conjunction with the exhibition Antiche Camelie delle Lucchesia.
The whole village is then dedicated to camellia, it becomes pedestrian (you can reach the outside car parks and take the regular shuttle bus). It is also possible to visit Villas open to the public especially for the occasion. This event takes place over several weekends and allows you to discover the camellias of Tuscany. Below the village of Pieve di Compito. Camellia is present everywhere.

We arrive at Pieve di Compito, for the Camellia Exhibition and the Camellietum Compitese. Everything is well indicated for walking and visits. We start by going to the exhibition.

Then we head towards the Camellietum Compitese, with a first stop in a small park dedicated to botanical camellias.


We then proceed to the Camellietum Compitese. The place is magnificent, the camellias are beautiful and flowery and the walk is very pleasant.

The garden is divided into sectors, each with a list of the camellias presented there. The camellias that are not named are numbered and can be easily observed and photographed.

Some areas look like a forest of camellias.


The Sasanqua sector to finish the visit.